• The Foot/Ankle: Complex Machine

    Most of us have heard the song, “Well, your toe bone connected to your foot bone. Your foot bone connected to your heel bone…” but how often do we stop to actually consider how the mechanics of one body part can affect the other.  I’ve already written a blog about how strengthening the hips is […]

  • Frozen Shoulder

    Frozen Shoulder What is Frozen Shoulder? Frozen Shoulder also known as Adhesive Capsulitis is an idiopathic condition when the shoulder joint becomes inflamed. More specifically, it includes synovitis in the glenohumeral joint, thus the connective tissue within the shoulder becomes inflamed. The cause of adhesive capsulitis is unknown at this time. However, there are some […]

  • How Can I Manage My Pain?

    Pain Management We have patients ask us about pain management every day. Pain is something we will all encounter at some point. Whether the patient is just out of surgery, experienced a motor vehicle accident or sprained an ankle. For many, like the person recovering from a total knee replacement, medications are a necessary component […]

  • What Exactly is Cupping Therapy?

    Cupping Therapy Cupping Therapy has been around for approximately 5,000 years. It was applied to key points on the body for relief of pain, certain symptoms, and medical conditions. Cupping therapy also known as just “cupping” is a type of manual therapy treatment, where various “cups” are placed on different parts of the body. Using […]

  • Create a Safe, Productive At-Home Workspace

    As millions transition into working from home to help thwart the spread of the coronavirus, maintaining both comfort and productivity has no doubt been an issue for many.  While in-office workstations are often designed around ergonomic considerations and long-term trial and error, ensuring optimal comfort and health, home workspaces can often fall short in this regard.  Home workspace safety and comfort, however, should remain […]

  • Exercise To Ease Chronic Anxiety This Year

    A new year offers the potential for new opportunities and experiences.  For those who struggle with general and consistent anxiety, however, the prospect of the new year and the expectations that come with it can be tricky to maneuver.  It’s with this in mind that our physical therapy team reminds you of one of the most natural and effective […]

  • Avoid ‘text Neck’ Injury With Better Smartphone Posture

    In so many ways, our smartphones make elements of our lives easier and more convenient, putting the world at our fingertips at a moment’s notice. But as we turn to our phones more often to connect, learn about the world and simply occupy downtime these technological tools have a downside.  As we spend time looking […]

  • Physical Therapy for Neck Pain

    If you had physical therapy for neck pain 20 years ago, you might have pointed to the pain and had a therapist apply passive modalities such as ultrasound, heat or ice to the affected area. The field of Physical Therapy and the associated research has come a long way to help us understand what treatment techniques are more and less […]

  • The Importance of Great Toe Mobility

    I recently had the opportunity to give a presentation on the importance of great toe mobility to a local CrossFit Affiliate Gym Virtuous Fitness. After taking about a month to compile all of the information I wanted to share, I realized, that I had to cut back on about 75% of the material I wanted […]

  • How can Physical Therapy help with vertigo?

    Do you ever get dizzy when rolling over or sitting up in bed? Experiencing a room-spinning sensation may be a sign of Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo, or BPPV for short. Onset can occur at any age, but may be more common over the age of 50. Onset in earlier ages is likely due to a […]