Balance Restoration and Fall Prevention

As we age our balance becomes an issue, our bodies naturally make accommodations which place us at greater risk of falling. It is a fact that more than a third of all adults over 65 years of age fall at least once a year, resulting in serious debilitating injuries. The average life expectancy after suffering a hip fracture due to a fall is 3 years.

At Pacific Physical Therapy, we understand that you or your loved ones can be struggling feeling weak, unstable or dizzy. Physical therapists are experts in improving mobility and motion and is a key member of your health care team. At your appointment, your physical therapist will perform a standardized balance test during your initial evaluation to determine your balance deficits. Your physical therapist will create a fall prevention program to help you improve strength, mobility and balance. This program will also address your individual balance deficits, educate you on assistive walking devices, and fall hazards in your home or surrounding environment.


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