The Foot/Ankle: Complex Machine

Foot Ankle

Most of us have heard the song, “Well, your toe bone connected to your foot bone. Your foot bone connected to your heel bone…” but how often do we stop to actually consider how the mechanics of one body part can affect the other.  I’ve already written a blog about how strengthening the hips is […]

Frozen Shoulder

Frozen Shoulder

Frozen Shoulder What is Frozen Shoulder? Frozen Shoulder also known as Adhesive Capsulitis is an idiopathic condition when the shoulder joint becomes inflamed. More specifically, it includes synovitis in the glenohumeral joint, thus the connective tissue within the shoulder becomes inflamed. The cause of adhesive capsulitis is unknown at this time. However, there are some […]

Physical Therapy for Neck Pain

If you had physical therapy for neck pain 20 years ago, you might have pointed to the pain and had a therapist apply passive modalities such as ultrasound, heat or ice to the affected area. The field of Physical Therapy and the associated research has come a long way to help us understand what treatment techniques are more and less […]